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Trump Communications

This website is just one of the thirty-plus websites that may be found under [ARA]. This website is NOT affiliated with or approved by DONALD TRUMP. This website, and it's ability to Enable and Empower the American People to have the kind of society they want, to have the kind of government they want, is my effort to save our Republic and return to the Vision of our Founding Fathers.

When you become a member of you also become a member of Americans Restoring America. So that you may better understand what is behind this effort, please click on the ARA link in the top left corner of this page underneath the header to this website. Please read About Us and Please Click Here so that you may more fully understand the madness or the genius behind this effort.

What IS important that you understand is that Grassfire Communications is the spine that ties all of these websites together and for those of you who desire to see The Donald become the next president of OUR United States, in my opinion, ought to subscribe and most importantly USE this service. There is No Charge ever. There are no banner ads. I rely upon and have relied upon donations to create and maintain this software application.

I ask that you copy and paste these five paragraphs to your email server and forward to everyone in your address book. I ask that you copy and paste the following - depending upon space allowed - the following to your Twitter account and your Facebook account: is either stand-alone or will be found at ARA. Please Visit Read ABOUT US and PLEASE CLICK HERE to understand WE CAN Restore the Republic.

Yours in Freedom,
Michael Edward

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